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You're going to love living here—no matter which neighborhood you choose

Our Neighborhoods

Whether you're looking for something in the heart of the business sector or something a little more off-the-grid, we've got what you're looking for. Read more about our neighborhoods and check out our walkability scores, local schools, and home renovation incentives.

The Springfield Community Revitalization Project

Bringing neighborhoods back to life

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We are dedicated to revitalizing and restoring the neighborhoods of Springfield. We aim to capture the unique character of our communities by fostering the local economy, promoting walkability and livability, and working collaboratively with residents.

Find your happy place

Historic District

Large, well-preserved, older single family homes known for their architectural styles ranging from Victorian/Queen Anne to Colonial Revival. This is an excellent choice for home-improvement buffs! Lots of curb appeal, history and character

West Springfield

Large single family homes, most newly built, with sprawling lawns and finished basements. An incredible place to raise children! Active neighborhood associations host frequent family-friendly events.


Love living between the water and the mountains? Come see our single-family homes in newer architectural styles, luxury cabins, and upscale condos along the shores of Horseshoe Lake. Perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors!


New single family homes in retro styles, upscale apartments and condos, and chic lofts above businesses. This area is perfect for couples with no or few children and young single professionals. Close to work, shopping and nightlife

Experience the magic of Springfield